The Fight Manager Who Walks The Walk
By Taff Davies

In the cutthroat world of the fight business, both Boxing and MMA, it is easy to stereotype fight managers in a less than favorable light. Placed in the middle between both the promoters and the fighters, a manager’s job is get the best deal for their fighters as well as help them make the best career decisions. Meanwhile, the managers have to do this job on behalf of their fighters while working with the promoters who obviously are looking out for their own best interests as well.

As such, a fight manager’s life is never easy. What makes it even harder is when people with little experience in the industry try to jump into the game, thinking they can make quick money being a manager, but instead ruining fighters’ careers in the process due to this inexperience. It takes a rare type of person who actually knows the business inside and out, is willing to work 24/7, and will travel from one end of the world to the other on behalf of their clients.  It is an even rarer and more valuable find to have an intelligent, caring manager who was once a professional fighter themselves. Having been a fighter allows a good manager to understand what fighters go through instead of simply looking at them as marketable commodities. These are the managers who truly walk the walk instead of just talk the talk and there is only a handful. One such fight manager is Jeff Clark.

Originally fighting out of Carlsbad California, Jeff Clark was a founding member of the North County Fight Club. Clark was also a U.S. champion in full contact karate and earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as owning numerous martial arts schools. Clark began fighting in MMA competitions before the sport was legalized, often fighting in underground promotions or in Mexico events. He began his official MMA career in 2004 and remained unbeaten for two years.

While still fighting as well as training other fighters, Clark also began managing. After retiring from his MMA career due to neck surgery, Clark went full-time into MMA management, creating NCFC Elite, one of MMA’s top sports agencies. Now, Clark manages the careers of many well-known fighters such as UFC star Diego Sanchez and Roger Huerta, the first MMA fighter to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Besides managing, Clark is also actively training fighters. He is working with numerous fighters out of San Diego MMA gym The Arena, helping to build one of the best MMA teams in the U.S.

With such a wealth of experience and such a dedication to his fighters, as well as his efforts to constantly help grow the sport of MMA itself, Clark is regarded as one of the most influential fight managers in the industry. Armed with his knowledge and skill, Jeff Clark’s mission is to build the best MMA management firm on the planet. With his determination to do whatever he can do on behalf of his clients, he will achieve his goal, as he continues to be in demand as the fight manager who makes things happen for both his clients and promoters alike.

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