Ultimate Boarder – Steve Caballero


Photo by Steve Potwin

DOB: 11- 8 – 64

Hometown: Campbell, California

Sponsors: Powell Peralta skateboards, Vans shoes, Independent trucks, Skullcandy headphones, Protec helmets, Bones bearings, Brixton hats and Ohana board shop.

Favorite phrase: Skate for fun!

RIS: Unreal! I can’t believe we have a bonafide legend on Team Revolt. Your successful career has spanned 3 decades and your style and tricks are emulated by virtually everyone in the sport at some level, to say the least. There are few people in this world that can say, “That trick was named after me.” Besides being one of the best skateboarders on the planet you have also become an amazing artist. Let’s start there. What kind of art medium are you working in at the moment?

SC: I mostly work on canvas with acrylics, but lately I have also been messing with Ink and brush work on thick card stock for illustrations that may be used for t-shirt or deck graphics in the skate industry. I’m also into Hotrods and kustom cars, so I dabble with 1-shot enamel paint in my art work sometimes, but the stuff is very toxic and smelly too.

RIS: What inspires your work?

SC: Lots of things in my life inspire my work including childhood memories of superheroes and monster movies, my japanese heritage, skateboarding,  the hot rodding kustom kulture, motocross. Other artists I admire inspire me as well like Dirty Donnie, Dave Burke, Damian Fulton, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodrigues and David Lozeau.  – Continued on pg. 33

RIS: Tell us about where your artwork is showing.

SC: At the current moment, i have a solo show going on at a gallery named Cukui in Japantown in San Jose, Ca. It’s partly a t-shirt boutique as well, but they have monthly art shows there as well. The opening night was a huge success and i sold alot of work and it was packed all night long. I don’t get to do too many solo art shows as i’m super busy with family and my skateboarding career as well, so when i do get them, they are far and few between. I’m able to squeeze in some group shows throughout the year that only need 1-2 pieces of work and that works for me most of the time.

RIS: What are your thoughts on Ultimate Boarder?

SC:I think it’s a great event put on by Tim Hoover and his crew. I’ve been in two events so far in the new Team challenge he has included and it’s been an awesome time. I just wish i had more time to make it to the other events besides just the skateboarding part of the 3-day challenge. It’s also cool to see the other pros and ams who ride in other sports who can rip it up on a skateboard as well, now that’s awesome. For someone who can rip at surf, snow and skate… now that’s an amazing athlete and I have to give up to the guys who can make it through all three safely because they are all dangerous disciplines!

RIS: Have you been spending much time on vert?

SC: I try and skate at least 2-3 times a week about two hours a day because of my family life. But when i’m on the road or at a contest, sometimes i can get more days in, but then i get exhausted these days being 46 and trying to keep up:)

RIS: How do you keep up a skateboarding career, artist career, all while being a good husband and father at the same time?

SC: It’s called having Jesus in me life to keep me balanced, my priorities in check and he gives me the strength to make it through all the storms and diversity that may come my way. You said “good” husband and if you see anything good in me, that’s because i have Jesus as my guidance counselor and the one who influences my life today.

RIS: Why aren’t you exhausted?

SC: I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me- Philippians 4:13

RIS:How old are your kids?

SC: I have a 13 year old daughter named Kayla from a previous marriage that did not work out years ago.  But i got re-married 5 years ago to my wife Rachael who we both had our son Caleb who is 4 now and a daughter name Clover who will turn 2 years old late October.

RIS:What are they good at & are they skateboarders?

SC: My kids are good at not listening, disobeying and arguing, just kidding… but not really:)  actually they all Love music very much. Kayla’s a great dancer and she plays the drum as so does my son Caleb. Both Kayla and Caleb skateboard as well. Clover, she has no fear, so i’m sure she’s gonna be one too watch out for if she ever gets into a sport like skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding because she’ll go for it!

RIS:Who do you think will be giving you the best run for your money this year at Ultimate Boarder?

SC: I’m not quite sure, who’s entering these days, but if it’s any of the young pro’s, who i actually don’t comptete against these days because we have our own skate division named the Master, it’s will be all of them. The first year it was Andy Mac, then last year it was Christian Hosoi, so who knows?

RIS: What is your strategy for a win?

SC: lots of water (hydration), practice, preparation and a positive attitude!

RIS:What keeps you going?

SC: What’s keeps me going is i love Life and i love God, i have a purpose to live and that to Give HIM all the glory and praise because without God in my life, i really have nothing, but empty promises, unfulfilled dreams and no explanation in why i even exist and do what i do, but one things for sure… it’s not about me.

RIS:Any advice for the next generation following in your footsteps?

SC: Stay away from drug’s, alcohol, cigarettes and try and restrain from sex before marriage because thos things will ruin anything you have a passion for and destroy your dreams to become successful, happy and at peace with your life. Seek guidance daily and stay humble, because in life… there’s always something to learn about yourself and the people around you. We are all special, important, influencial and have a purpose for living, we are not an accident nor a mistake. If you ever feel unloved by your parents, family, friends or peers, just remember… Jesus loves you and he wants to know you:)

RIS: Seriously Steve, It is an honor and a privilege to have you on Team Revolt. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I know our readers are going to be stoked as well!

SC: Thanks for the opportunity to let me share my life with you guys! I will do my best to represent team REVOLT in the best, most positive and loving manner, plus i’m honored & privileged to be on your team as well… so thank you!

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