Althete of the Month STERLING WEATHERLEY


Wahoo’s Athlete of the month

Each Issue Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and Revolt In Style will recognize an exceptional local athlete for his or her outstanding talent. This month we honor Sterling Weatherley. Sterling has been a highly visible local rider that understands what it means to earn his own name. The younger brother of professional surfers Jason & Benji Weatherley, he shows that he can hold his own in the water by charging hard in any condition. He has made a name for himself by competing in local Pro Am competitions as well, including the Revolt Summer Surf Series. Sterling scores himself a $50 gift certificate from Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for his hard work. Congrats.

Interview by Brady Ruysschaert & Aaron Goulding
Photography by Aaron Goulding

BR: What’s up Sterling? You’re known around SD as a local everywhere, how do you obtain that?
SW: I don’t really consider myself a local anywhere I just surf where ever looks good and has the least amount of people in the water, whether that spot’s in Mission or up to La Jolla.

BR: You’ve been a sponsored surfer your whole life, do you plan on staying in the industry for a while?

SW: Sponsors are great but I’m not trying to force anything. If somehow I get lucky and get to make a living in the surf industry, then great! If not, no worries.

BR: Having older brothers who are well know professional surfers, do you try to follow in their foot steps or do you want to do your own thing?
SW: Having Benji and Jason as older brothers is great. I admire their careers that they have built over the years, and I would like to do the same.

BR: So I’ve heard that you’re a stuntman. What’s that all about?
SW: I wouldn’t quite call me a stuntman, but when I was younger I used to do a sport called vaulting. It’s when you ride a horse and do gymnastic type tricks on top of it. Ha-ha kind of strange.

BR: Are you going to do any contests this season?
SW. I’ll probably do some local contests like the REVOLT SUMMER SURF SERIES!!

BR: Would you like to give props to anyone?

SW: Yeah! I would like to thank my sponsors: Analog Clothing, Nation Surfboards, and Pacific Drive Surfshop

BR: Last question, where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
SW: World domination! Ha-ha!

AG: Wait! I have some serious ones! Gel, hairspray or nothing?
SW: I keep my hair pretty short, so nothing.

AG: Vans, Etnies or Converse?
SW: Cons

AG: If you could only choose these 3 places, where would you take your date? Taco Bell, McDonalds, or Jack in The box?
SW: Micky D’s

AG: Politics, Religion or War?
SW: Religion

AG: You are stuck on a Mountain…
SW: Snowboard all day.

AG: …UH?
SW What?

AG: Do you have anything that you need to get off your chest?
SW: Uh…no.

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