Words & Photography By Aaron Goulding

RIS: Brady, at age 14 where do you find time to surf and compete while doing well in school?
BR: I try to surf everyday after school, if I’m not out there I’m at my moms house studying or chilling with my little brother Colton (who is an amazing fisherman) as well as my stepdad, or with my other brother Jake (who is really good at football). Balancing school and contests is easy, school is on the week days and contests are on the weekends.

RIS: I understand you are ranked 3rd in the NSSA. That’s quite an accomplishment. What do you do to train for such events?
BR: I’m not 3rd anymore I dropped a couple spots. NSSA Open and Explorers is hard but it’s all about surfing well and showing people that your here for a reason. I am still doing really well right now. My training is just surfing everyday and pushing myself with my friends who rip. We push each other to the limits!

RIS: What type of music pumps you up before a session and what song really does it for you?

BR:  I like all types of music, except for country. But, if I want to get pumped up I would listen to Social D, Adolescents, Lil Wayne, or The Game

RIS: And when you are all done surfing what does your stomach crave?
BR: Mexican food! If I don’t have a burrito or something Mexican, I don’t know what I would do.  It’s a life essential, without it I would die.

RIS: Who do you idolize in the surfing world and what is it about them that makes you want to be as good as them or better?
BR: I really like Paul Fisher because he’s funny and he rips.

RIS: Okay so the tsunami alarms go off and you have to choose a board to take with you to escape this giant wave or maybe even ride it out. What board do you choose?
BR: I would choose my boogie board. That thing’s legendary in big waves like the womp.

RIS: What is your ideal surf destination and who would you want with you on that trip?
BR: Indo with all the boys ripping all day. SURF, EAT ,SLEEP, SURF!

RIS: I noticed from the last issue of Revolt  In Style, that you like to write. Who inspired you to want to be a writer?
BR: That’s one thing a lot of people don’t know about me. I like to write because you can express your mind in ways that only you can describe. Plus you can show your imagination. Being able to write in Revolt In Style magazine is really cool because now people can see one of my interests and I can share my thoughts.

RIS: Do you have anyone that you are thankful for?

BR: I’m thankful for God and my family, always giving me support.  And I wish I could say I thanks to my sponsors or big companies, but I don’t have any. So thanks Brit and the guys at Bubblegum! Also Revolt, for letting me write and everyone who has helped me be successful up to this point in my life.

RIS: Is there anything that you’d like to add?
BR: RIP A.I….Shout out to all my friends! Any sponsors looking for riders, I’m in need as well as the boys in La Jolla. ha-ha!

RIS: You are a very talented young surfer and we hope to see more of you in the future. Thanks for your time!
BR: Thanks alot Revolt In Style Magazine!

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