Constantly Following The “Endless Winter”

BORN: 3-18-81
HOME: North Shore, Oahu
STANCE: goofyfoot
WEIGHT: 150 lbs.

Jamie is and has always been a big wave hunter. He made a name for himself as a North Shore grom charging some of the biggest waves around. Now he travels the world in search of the biggest waves. With 14 years of traveling the globe in search of the endless winter, Jamie Sterling has become not only an elite big wave surfer, but also a professional world traveler & surf guide.

Spending half the year in his hometown on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii; and the other half chasing the biggest swells around the planet. From South Africa to the Arctic Circle, Jamie Sterling has surfed everything in between. He’s tackled the Cortez Bank, Jaws, Mavericks, Dungeons, Teahupoo, Todos Santos, the Chilean monsters El Buey and El Bajo, and towed in on every outer reef on the North Shore. Instead of just building a relationship with one wave, he’s traveled around the world, constantly trying to predict where the next big wave will happen, a mission he’s dubbed “The Endless Winter.”

Check this! You can actually hire Jamie to travel with you pretty much anywhere in the world for the most dialed in surf experience possible. Don’t blow your next surf vacation looking at surf reports, figuring out the surf breaks or just trying not to get beat up by the locals. Let Jamie do that, just be ready for a total surf adventure with one of the best professional surf guides on the planet.

Recently Jamie was here in San Diego for the Red Bull Rivals event at Ocean Beach. He took some time out of his busy schedule to allow us to pick his brain:

RIS: What’s your summer schedule like?

JS: I just got back from Chile where I placed 4th at the contest. My main goal is to do well on the tour that Gary Linden formulated. 4 stops in Peru is next. We’re waiting to see when. There’s a 2-month window on these contests, so I’m heading back to Hawaii to train for a little bit. Then off to Mexico to film in Puerto Escondido, we are going to be working on the GoPro point of view filming, and then work on some webisodes for Red Bull, and my other sponsors. I’m also collecting some more footage for a movie we are putting together, which is a re-cap of my professional surfing career. I’m competing in a contest there in July.

RIS: You were injured recently. What happened and are you ok?

JS: Yeah, I hurt my shoulder free surfing in Waimea beach, Hawaii last November 09’. It gave me some trouble at Maverick’s this year, but it feels great now. I’m back to 100%.  I’m just stoked to be able to pursue my goals, and live the dream.

RIS: Is big wave surfing just a winter sport?

JS: No, it’s a year around career for me. Basically I have an endless winter. I spend October thru April in Hawaii, California, and Oregon. Come April I put everything in storage and live out of a suit case for 6 months and travel the Southern hemisphere for their winter. I head to places like Chile, Tahiti, South Africa, Mexico, and Australia.

RIS: Out of all the breaks, what is your favorite spot to surf?

JS: For me, it’s Mexico. I like to spend a lot of time in Puerto Escondido, it reminds me of Hawaii. The water’s warm, and the fish taco’s are cheap. My goal when I’m not traveling so much is to build a home down there. I want to live 6 months there, and 6 month in Hawaii.

RIS: Sounds like the life.

JS: Yeah, it’s a good retirement plan.

RIS: Let’s talk about the charities & causes that you’re involved with.

JS: While I was down in Chile I had a chance to work with the ‘Save the Waves Coalition’ and help the relief efforts after the earthquake and tsunami that happened in February.  The town of Constitución was severely damaged and was a mess. It looked way worse than what we were seeing on the news back in the states. Quiksilver and Cliff Bar sent clothes and energy bars down to Chile and we distributed them to school kids and other relief organizations such as the Red Cross, who were helping to rebuild the town. I’m also involved in helping to stop a marina project that threatens two break points, El Gringo and El Buey in Arica, Chile.

RIS: Would you like to give a shout out to anyone, your sponsors?

JS: Definitely, without my sponsors I wouldn’t be able to live the dream and fulfill my goals. Red Bull, who has been there for me for the last 11 years. Kaenon Sunglasses, Rusty Surfboards, GoPro, Future Fins, and EFX. They have all made this possible for me. So THANKS A LOT.

For more on Jamie & info on his surfguide services go to www.jamiesterling.com and www.professionalsurfguide.com

Side Note: We are happy to announce that local surfers in Chile are celebrating a victory against the breakwater construction project that threatened the big-wave surf of El Buey in Arica, Chile. The project is not yet completely defeated, local beach advocates keeping a close watch on developments with this issue, and expert environmental lawyers are engaged with the issue together with local surfers and civic leaders. Arica’s world-class big waves will live. Courtesy of www.savethewaves.org

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