Interview and Photos by Aaron Goulding

The next generation of surfers from the San Diego area are comprised from a deep pool filled with talented, young athletes. Each have unique style & positive influences that make them a force to be reckoned with. Revolt In Style has made a commitment to supply paper in each issue open to their thoughts, stories and experiences to share with our readers. The following is an interview with one such ripper:

RIS: Johnny, you are 20 years old, and a pro surfer. You are on top of the world right now. What keeps you grounded?

JN: I don’t think of myself as anything special– I’m just an average kid who likes to surf.

RIS: I understand that surfing is in your blood. Your father is an avid surfer himself. That must play a huge roll in your love for the ocean. Please tell me what it was like growing up in the Noris family and how you got involved with the sport of surfing?

JN: I guess since my dad was a professional hockey player, growing up I was meant to be a hockey player myself. I played competitive hockey from the time I was two until I was sixteen or so but didn’t start surfing until I was thirteen because I was afraid of sharks. Once I got over the whole shark thing and started surfing I got over hockey but played for a couple more years because I thought it would make my dad happy. Eventually I got over it enough to quit regardless of what he thought. My dad still says it was the happiest day of his life when I decided to surf instead of play hockey. I’ve always thought of my dad as more of a friend to me than your typical dad and we still surf at least a couple of times a week together.

RIS: I have seen you surf and you surf very well. You are consistent and you stand out at any spot like a sore thumb because you go big on nearly every wave. Watching you surf like that is inspiring to those around you but who or what was it that inspired you to surf like that?

JN: Haha, well I can’t do a proper turn to save my life so I guess I’ve looked up to anyone who can boost an air. Sounds pretty typical but guys like Jordy and Dane are easy to watch surf– I usually want to do exactly what they’re doing. Locally I always looked up to Derek Dunfee and Ian Rotgans. I like Nico Becerra’s style of above the lip surfing; I guess he’s the reason I got so interested in the whole air thing. Maybe one day I’ll learn to put my board on rail!

RIS: You are very humble. A couple years ago you were pretty shy and not too sure about the contest scene and your future with surfing. What was holding you back and what made you decide to make a commitment to pursue surfing?

JN: I’m still not too sure about the whole contest scene being right for me or any sort of “future” with surfing. I just know that I want to travel as much as I can for as long as I can.

RIS: What was it like to be a grom in San Diego?

JN: Sick! You spend your winter days surfing both before and after school with friends and summer days at the beach with hot chicks. What else could you want as a kid?

RIS: I know you love music and every time I see you suiting up, you have your headphones on and you have this super serious look like you are about to murder someone and then you smile like you know something nobody else does. What the heck are you listening too and what genre gets you motivated to bust?!

JN: I’m always listening to house music. Any electronic music gets me amped before I go for a surf. Lately its been “I Like That” by Richard Vission & Static Avenger (Angger Dimas Remix) that’s been getting me out there and in a good mood.

RIS: I know the groms look up to you. What advice do you have for them regarding professional surfing?

JN: Go to contests. I still haven’t done many contests and usually lose in the early rounds but every time I go to a contest whether I surf in it or not, I learn different ways to surf and approach even the shittiest waves. Just being involved in that scene forces your surfing to advance much faster than it would otherwise.

RIS: Johnny, you have done some extensive traveling over the last year. Can you tell me all the places you visited and what your favorite place was?

JN: I’ve been to Baja, Hawaii, Northern California, Mainland Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Canada. Everywhere is attractive in its own way but I enjoyed Canada more than any other place. The people up there are so kind and the waves are really fun. Surprisingly enough, I enjoy wearing a hooded 5/4/3 and being in cold weather. Then again I’m pretty weird…

RIS: What are you plans for this winter?

JN: I plan on going to Hawaii next week for a little bit, but don’t want to end up staying there all winter. I plan on hitting both East and West coast Canada and possibly the Caribbean but want to spend some time at home too. Some waves at home I simply just don’t want to miss out on when they’re on…

RIS: Where do you want your surfing to go and far are you willing to take it?

JN: Realistically, I’d like to travel the world to just about every country with a coastline and waves- experience different cultures, meet new people, and taste what life is like outside the La Jolla Bubble.

RIS: Thanks for you time Johnny and good luck in the coming year! With all of the media coverage over the last year, you must have a ton of people you’d like to thank.

JN: For sure! I’d like to thank Katin for helping support my stupid travel habits, you for taking photos of me on even the worst days and just being a good friend, Michael Barrus for joining me on some of my little adventures and helping document, my parents, and God for the life that he has given me! Without all you guys I’d be nowhere!

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