4527 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109

If sushi is an art then Aki is easily the Japanese Picasso. This master of asian cuisine never fails to amaze us with his creative and delicious presentation. Sit at the sushi bar and sample some of their high end sake while head chef Aki and his fellow ‘Itamae’ prepare the freshest ingredients in front of your eyes. The sushi and sashimi are as fresh as it gets and always at a great price. The specials are consistently fresh and exciting (check the chalkboard before you order) Monday is the PB local’s best kept secret – 70% off sushi rolls all night! Get there early or expect to wait in line. The crowd is an eclectic mix of stylish young professionals, attractive groups of Garnet pre-partiers, surfers and japanese businessmen. The only choice for Sushi at the beach for Revolt In Style. We endorse Surfside Sushi with two thumbs up!

4640 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109

Voted Best Burger by Revolt In Style readers. Not to mention every other publication that knows what’s what in San Diego. The burgers are huge, the fries are crisp and the beer is as chill as the locals that hang at either of their two locations. Always a sick surf video running on the numerous flatscreens throughout the venues giving this great eatery that ‘Endless Summer’ feel. Try the ‘Kiwilango‘ burger with the blu cheese, jalapenos & aioli sauce, topped with tortilla chips. Perfect medley of flavors. The chicken sandwiches and salads are all deliciously prepared as well. The Downtown location is renowned as the “Let’s  get together for a cocktail after work.” spot. Incidentally, It is conveniently attached the coolest spot in the gaslamp for an ASR Party – The 923 Dive Lounge. Revolt In Style wholeheartedly endorses Bareback Grill!

3819 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA 92109
858.488.DELI (3354)

Voted ‘BEST DAMN DELI SANDWICH ANYWHERE!’ Revolt In Style was one of the first to report on this awesome little deli in M.B. & we have been loyal customers ever since. Oliver, Evan and Mo have created the perfect mix of fresh bread, fresh ingredients and unique recipes that keep the hungry masses coming back time and time again. They have 7 different types of bread (baked in house daily). An endless array of fresh toppings make Rubicon anything but typical. “You could literally go in there everyday for a year and never have the same sandwich” proudly boasts Evan, one of the owners. Ridiculously good soups, Acai bowls and salads complete their menu. Rubicon has created a great network of fans thru their tasty food and epic events. Keep up with them on Facebook. Revolt In Style gladly endorses Rubicon Deli.

1815 South Coast Highway
Oceanside, CA 92054

Famous among surfers, Bull Taco was tucked away in the San Elijo Campgrounds for years. If you weren’t in the know, you missed out on epic grinds…untill now. The new Oceanside location is now open right on the 101! The best way to finish off a North County surf session is to grab a couple of their insane tacos or burritos.  Perfect seasoning on the carne asada, tender chicken burritos and ‘off the hook’ carnitas. This place can do no wrong! We never drive by without stopping off for a quick bite. The owners know what they’re doing, as they also have a nice selection of beer & wine to compliment the food, without breaking the bank. Stepping up this season as the food sponsor for the Revolt Summer Surf Series, they are responsible for fueling all our athletes and crew. Here at Revolt In Style, we absolutely endorse… BULL TACO.

1221 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109

Undeniably, one of our favorite new places to hang out with friends, watch some cool sports, and eat amazing pizza (and awesome salads). But did you know that they also offer something else exceptional? LATE NIGHT DELIVERY? If walking in and having a slice (or three) after a long night of clubbing on Garnet is not convenient enough (open till 3 on Thurs-Sat) Then why not have the whole pizza delivered hot & fresh to your door?

Woodstock’s has a great history dating back to the 80’s. Anyone that went to school at SDSU, Chico State, CalPoly, UC Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz, knows the pizza at Woodstock’s is LEGENDARY!  It was 1977 when Chuck Woodstock, opened the first Woodstock’s Pizza in Corvallis, Oregon. Chuck, along with Mike Chew and Jeff Ambrose Chuck and Chew, with Jeff as their General Manager and co-owner, began with a simple formula that continues to this day. They wanted to create a fun, student-oriented atmosphere, and to offer classic pizzas that surpassed anything they’d tried elsewhere. One of Chuck’s innovations was to put sauce in the folded-over crust. He also insisted on putting more toppings on the pizza than any of his competitors did. Ideally, you should get a taste of every topping in each bite of a Woodstock’s pizza. Sadly, Chuck and Chew passed away in a private plane accident in 1985, but their legacy continues at Woodstock’s. In 2001 Jeff and Laura Ambrose purchased Woodstock’s from the Woodstock and Chew families. So Jeff, who began as Chuck’s delivery driver in Corvallis, ultimately became owner of all five California Woodstock’s.

Although the ownership has changed, the founding principles remain the same. The dough is still handmade each day, they still use Chuck’s secret sauce recipe & insist on using the freshest ingredients available. They teach every employee to make each pizza as if it were for their best friend. Seriously, you can taste the difference. Woodstock’s doesn’t look or feel like a chain because it Isn’t.  It’s a family of restaurants run by a team of co-owners. The décor is warm, comfortable and genuine. You won’t find any pre-fabricated funkiness, and you definitely won’t find anything slick or trendy, just great food & good times. Revolt In Style welcomes Woodstock’s Pizza to Pacific Beach with… OFFICIALLY ENDORSED!

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