by Leslie Krouse

Photo’s by Nick Jones

Every once in a while you come across a business that holds itself to a higher standard, once you find such a rarity, you should never let it go. Especially today, when getting into a new payment just isn’t in the cards, it makes sense to just fix up the one you have. But, finding a reliable and trust worthy facility, could turn out to be one of the most stressful, and important decisions you’ll ever make.

Preston’s Tire & Wheel is such a business.  I’ve known Preston and the boys for about 10 years now; and they have taken care of all my vehicles. Whether it was for an oil change, resetting the check engine light, installing a new stereo system, putting a lift kit on my jeep, to brakes and rotors, an exploded caliper, a broken weld on the mount for my shock (I miss Mexico, that was a fun trip), and of course my tires and wheels, which I’m thinking about going bigger.  I have to admit I’ve tried to stray, only out of sheer convenience, but once I got the estimate from whatever shop I had taken it to, I’d call Preston’s for a second opinion before I had anything done, and of coarse they’d beat the pants off of the competition.  Not only did they beat the price, but they also asked the right questions to find out if the repairs suggested are even necessary, and ultimately my vehicle would always end up at Preston’s.  I have quite literally pulled my broken-down vehicle out of another shop, and had it towed straight to Preston’s.

I’m fortunate as a female, to understand the world of automotive repairs; I worked in the industry for over ten years.  This is how I first came in contact with Preston’s, they were my shops go to guys. They work on anything from cars to the RV’s whatever came in for service that my guys couldn’t handle. The problem I’ve found with most repair shops, is they hire entry-level technicians that quite frankly don’t have the capability, or the education to work on the incredibly complex cars of today.  They also seem to pull the old bait and switch, luring you into their shops with incredible deals (which you find out your vehicle doesn’t qualify for,) and then they come out with a list of repairs that you don’t necessarily need, so you end up spending 3x as much as if you would of just taken it to the right shop in the first place.  It can be very frustrating, confusing, and sometimes-just plain scary.  To entrust one of the most important and expensive necessities that we have to have in our everyday lives, to someone not qualified to take care of it, well, it’s just plain dumb.  We depend on our vehicle to get us to work, get you, or your kids to school, or even get us out to Vegas when the urge hits us.  Our lives literally depend on our vehicles running properly, this is not something you want to put in the hands of just anyone.

Preston’s Tire & Wheel have been in business for 21 years and is still running strong.  One key factor in their success is Preston himself; his knowledge of the ins and outs of a vehicle is unsurpassable.  Preston holds an extremely high standard for the technicians that he hires, “I try to find guys that are like me, but getting this much talent together under one roof, and not kill each other, is pretty amazing” states Preston.  They must all be ASE (Automotive Standard of Excellence) Certified, and each must bring their own specific talent to the table.  “We have some of the most talented specialists in Southern California” boasts Preston, “Gilberto, bar-none is the best fabricator I’ve ever seen, and then there is Shane in the stereo and electronics portion of the shop, before coming to us he was working with West Coast Customs”, “Our technicians know everything from general automotive, to tires and lifts, from specialty vehicles to hot rods, there really isn’t anything they can’t handle”.   Preston continues, “We are the only shop in town that has all the latest electronic diagnostic equipment, for any type of car”.

Fast – Accurate – Guaranteed, a motto that Preston’s stands by.  Fast, this means that when you bring your car in, it is looked at right away, diagnosed, and fixed.  Accurate, means it’s done right the first time, and you’re not paying for anything you don’t need.  Guaranteed, this is the most important part of the motto, when you get your vehicle repaired at Preston’s you receive a 1yr 12,000 mile Nation Wide Warranty, parts and labor, and a 3yr 36k on your engine.   This means no matter where you are in the country, if you have any troubles with your repairs you can take your vehicle to any service station and it’s covered.  Preston’s will pay with their credit card direct to the shop, and nothing comes out of your pocket.  This is by far the best guarantee you will ever receive.  Not to mention the piece of mind, that goes along with it.

The BBB gives Preston’s Tire & Wheel an A+, and so do I.  But, don’t just take my word for it; here are a few testimonials from some of Preston’s customers:

“Hands down, without a doubt, Preston’s Tire and Wheel are the best place to bring you vehicle to for all of your needs. Not only are their staff the coolest people on earth, but their knowledge of their products, and advice on not only, what your car or truck needs, but what would look best on it.” James W.

“This shop rocks they have done all my cars, my families cars and most of my friends. I know many people that will only get their trucks lifted there, and by judging on how many Prestonbuilt stickers and license plate frames I see a lot of other people must feel the same way.  I have watched Preston and Wayne grow a really small business into a thriving megastore. Preston is a great guy and knows his stuff, I have never heard anyone talk bad about him or his shop, Go there!”  S. Wayne

“I have never been dissatisfied with this performance shop. From lifts, tires, wheels and all the audio equipment we’ve purchased, we have never been displeased with any service or products. They always work to satisfy. If Preston’s Performance were anything less, we would not be spending our money there! Great Performance Shop!!!!”  JK

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