‘Truth, Peace, and Love’

by Leslie Terhorst

Every once in a while, a project will mesh together in a way that even the artist never expected.  It starts with a group of friends just hanging out in Ocean Beach, and escalates into an eclectic montage of some of the finest So Cal sounds to hit our little town of San Diego.  3rd Borough is that group.  Friends Apoulo 8 and Justin Werner started this project with the hope of capturing the essence of truth, peace, and love in their music.  They were shortly joined by Mark Boyce from G-Love & Special Sauce, who brought knowledge, experience, and a lot of big names to the projects. Along with these amazing artists; Bass: Chris Mcgriel – Superunloader Drums & Percusion: Chad Farran – Superunloader Lead Guitar :Gabriel Feenberg – Old Man Hands and Jalopy Street Orchestra Wind Instuments: Nachman Wajcman – Old Man Hands and Jalopy Street Orchestra Vocals Violin :Raquel Emmons – Mas Grande Mpc: Lucid1 – Lucid One Ableton: Knowa KnowOne – Knowsleep 3rd Borough was born.

3rd Borough grooves in a great variety of genres, with a focus in the contemporary sounds of electro-acoustic, hip-hop, indie folk-rock, funk, R&B, etc. This creative and original manifestation unites sub-cultures through sounds. 3rd Borough promotes and contributes to an environmentally conscious movement. This group blends right into the elements of the soul through a musical production and spiritual evolution that mends and activates the chakras. The fabric of virtue that is ingrained in humanity is the driving force behind this project; in the nature of people, is the need to benefit and make progress in their area of the world. We do this in many ways, for instance,  by supporting, sharing and becoming involved with the community, emphasizing the power of creativity, and the importance of diversity…no doubt, there is strength within their differences. This is a taste of the philos of 3rd Borough.

RIS:  So tell us about 3rd Borough?

Apaulo 8:  We have a folk rock urban sound with a clash of hip hop  and electronic music in there. Justin and I started the band.  We’ve been playing music together for 10 years. We got Mark Boyce from G-Love to join us, and he started promoting us and got us some big names to join us on the album

Justin:  We wanted to put a good positive message of love, truth and peace, and just trying to unite people.  Hopefully we can represent through the music, and all the genres coming together a symbol of unity and music, and also through the combination of the hip-hop and Urban folk rock, to show and to symbolize unity, and walk the talk. Ultimately this is what 3rd Borough represents, and 3rd Borough is an old European term with means ‘peace officer’ or ‘peace maker’, and that’s ultimately what we are trying to bring out in the world through our songs.

Mark:  You try to use things as a platform, and try not to be overtly preachy, because people lose interest, and through what we’re doing musically, it definitely shows some anti-establishment values that we’ve had for a long time. It definitely show a non violent stance for sure, and just how we can do things without resorting to the actions that we’ve seen so much of lately.  But in a positive, party atmosphere.  Our attitudes are, come join us and celebrate this.  It’s a good balance of our political, our esthetics, and our attitudes, they all seem to co-exist pretty well together.

RIS:  Lets talk about the new Album.

Mark:  It’s funny about a year ago I met Paul through a mutual friend of mine here in Ocean Beach, SD.  He asked me to come over and play on some songs that they recorded.  The record sounded really good, I could hear the songs were there, but it needed a bit of development. The product was at a really basic level.  I really became interested in it. I had some experience in production, and was living in San Diego and had some time off, I would be able to really get in there and help it out. Now a year later we have this really great record.  It’s a combination of a lot of talents, and a lot of different people’s help.  Ultimately the end result was what we were looking for in the record.  I feel we have achieved success already in just getting it done.  Now to put it out, it’s really exciting for us to take this statement that we made and spread it around to different people.  It’s an eclectic sound for a band, I don’t think there is anybody else that sounds like 3rd Borough.  We’re really excited to see how people are going to react to this record.  People that have been buying the record, and giving us feedback, it really helps.

Apaulo 8:  We’ve got a good live feel with instrumentation,  we also brought in producers who do a lot of hip-hop and electronic style music, and crossed those genres into it as well.  Like Mark said, every song on this album is totally different, it is definitely a new sound.  We have Killa Priest from Wu Tang on this album as well, we got him through Main Flow who has been a big part of the production with this album as well.  We’ve got some new videos with Vidal Films working with MTV.  We are just trying to get it all out there right now.

RIS:  I love the video for “Singing in the Wood” it rocks, great scenery, great song. Was that all shot here in San Diego?

Mark:  You can shoot anywhere here. You walk out your front door and you get a taste of it.  Some of the locations were poignant to the message in the song. Fortunately that’s the back drop. You can just go out into the streets. Everybody is from here, we all met here, and that’s why we are sitting here with you. This town has brought all of us together.

RIS: Tell us about the show at Anthology, what and who can we expect to see?

Apaulo 8:  We’ve got some acts from San Francisco coming down, Souleye & DC, and Nakila is gonna be a featured secret appearance from Goddess Alchemy Project, they are all blowing up on the festival circuit.  Slightly Stoopid’s DeLa, and possibly C-Money.

Mark:  We’ve been putting the word out to some of our friends, who have been noncommittally committing, what-ever that means.  We will definitely put out some heavy hitters, so expect a great show.

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