by Dave Woods

Let me have the most wonderful pleasure of introducing everyone to The Skains.  Believe me when I say, that you will definitely remember the name the second you hear these wonder kids jam!  The Skains spawn from generations of roots, rock, and reggae, and the “roots” definitely run deep with Gavin and Zion Garcia.

Gavin lead vocalist is 16 and all around stud muffin, he embraces his genre, and captures this new age demographic like a welcomed role model, leading the youth to skanking good times!

Zion is the youngest member of the band at the tender age of 13, and could possibly be one of the best saxophone players I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing, and mind you, he is only thirteen.

Jack McNeil, Bassist, and the oldest member at 17. This guy throws bass lines out like funky “Flea” of the RHCP. And then there is the talented Ben Wasserman a 15 year old that beats up on the skins. Inspired from a Sublime filled, Pepper stuffed youth you can hear their influences in the smooth melodic rhythm that The Skains live, breathe and embrace like a cherished Rastafarian medallion (which may have been worn by Peter Tosh, or Bob himself) The Skains are going places, bling-bling!

Speaking of spawning a great lineage blood line, The Skains, ain’t no scrubs.  Rob Garcia, the boy’s Father, has a long lineage of basically kicking major ass!  Personal fitness trainer, and all around bad ass, Rob has the pleasure of kicking the asses’ of the likes of people such as: The “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya,  UFC destroyer Diego Sanchez, all around Hawaiian bad asses Sunny Garcia, Kalani Robb, and Makua Rothman.  So you can understand that The Skains have the talent surrounding them that will push them to limitless success.

I know for sure that one day the limelight of the future youth musical movement, and the “new generation” will surely embrace The Skains, The Garcia Family, and the overall Aloha spirit that their music leaves the lucky listener with, will stand the test of time.  Continued next page…

The Skains will be embedded in your mind, just like all those other radical bands you find yourself humming to in order to feel better, get through your day.  Basically, the type of music that puts a huge smile on your face whenever you hear it.

RIS:  Hey guys, howz it?  Any surf today, jam session, band practice?

Skains:  Yeah todays so sick beachin it all day for sure. Acoustic jamsesh on the boardwalk, made $20 haha.

RIS:  What really inspires The Skains music, to make it sound so amazing, for basically being four kids not even out of High School yet?

Skains:  We all listen to a wide variety of music, and it definitely all goes into one big blender sex of our music.

RIS:  How will the band try to stay motivated through growing pains, artistic differences, school, girlfriends, surfing, and the like?

Skains:  Well were all good friends, skains, and have been for awhile so its pretty easy for us all to get along. Plus, were having Gavin breakup with his girlfriend as she tends to need more attention than there are hours in the day haha.

RIS:   What would be the craziest, or funniest thing that has ever happened to The Skains while playing a show?

Skains:  We had Willie Fleming from Bucket of Fish play trombone with us at a show and he showed up in a dinosaur costume.

RIS:  Finally, this is a chance to give a big shout out to anyone that has help molded you boys, and have pushed you to become a rising talent in the local music scene.  Anyone you guys would like to thank for the support?

Skains:  Definitely Mom and Dad for letting us practice here at the house in mission all the time, Grandma for being the equipment sponsor, and our friends: Joe Hart, Julian Fox, Max Wasserman, Nick Martinez, Fuzz Wagner, KG, Spencer Shneider, and Alexis Johnson, all of them have contributed to our music or just been there to support us at all times so we wanna give them a big THANK YOU!

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