by Leslie Krouse

It’s another beautiful day in San Diego, as I sit on the phone with Brian Sheerin co-lead vocalist for the band, gathering my thoughts on what question to start with.  That’s when I heard it, that clearly distinct bubbling sound emanating from the other side of the phone, could it be. That’s when it hit me, a flash of the total rock-star life popped in my head and I though “how fucking cool”, this is going to be fun.  I have to say, Brian is one of the coolest guys, it was a definite treat talking to him.  Mower has been deemed “one of the hardest working bands in San Diego” and after sometime on the phone with Brian, it becomes very apparent just how hard they do work.  Brian Sheerin, Dominic Moscatello/vocals, Greg Russell/guitar, Chris McCredie/bass, and newest band mate Jessie Tate /drums, this is Mower. Mower has had a very impressive few years.  They have graced the stages with huge presences such as Metallica, System of the Down, Linkin Park, P.O.D. Staind, Slayer and one of my personal favorites Stone Sour, to name a few.  They have also worked Warped Tour, toured Japan, had their video for Road Rage played on MTV’s Headbangers Ball, and the most resent Monster Mayhem Tour here in San Diego.  Not to mention the countless local concerts at 710 Beach Club and Canes.

One of the things that impresses me about this talented group of guys, is how they don’t pigeonhole  themselves by conforming  to any one specific genre, and this became especially apparent after Brian mentioning the format of their upcoming CD hitting the stands  late summer or early fall 08’.  Here’s what Sheerin had to say:

RIS: So how’s it going?

BS:  Good, busy.  We just got off a pretty big spring tour.  We’ve been back and forth to LA recording our new album.  But right now, we just had a couple of weeks to enjoy the summer.   We’re just gearing up for the release of the CD, and preparing for a big tour in the fall.

RIS:  You’ve had 2 pretty kick-ass albums Mower, & Not For You.  Now you’re working on your 3rd, with the great Eddie Wohl (Anthrax). How’s working with Eddie, and what can we expect from this one?

BS:  Eddie is very cool.  He is keeping us honest; he’s not trying to change our style.  We learned a lot working with Mikey Doling on the Not For You album, it pre-paired for working with a producer.   The album will be a split effort.  We went a little heavier of the first part, and on the second part we went for a more jazz vibe.  We brought in a lot of special guests for this project, and added more strings, and keyboards.  We’re pretty stoked on how it’s turning out.  We’re putting a lot of effort into this project.

RIS:  How is it working with the Suburban Noize Record label?

BS:  I couldn’t ask for a greater group of guys to work with.  They don’t put a lot of fences up, which allows us to make the music we want.  I mean, take this next album for instance, they’re letting us split up the album with two completely different sounds.

RIS:  Are we going to be able to hear some of the new stuff at your live performances?

BS:  Definitely, we’ve already started introducing the new songs at our shows, and the reaction is insane.  Everybody seems to like it.

Be sure to catch them at a local venue near you, while you can still get up close and personal.  Pretty soon, we won’t be able to touch them.

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