by Leslie Krouse
Photos by Jeff Farsai

Time flies when you’re having fun, and the band from Ocean Beach,CA; Slightly Stoopid, is having the time of their lives. Nearly 15 years has passed since Bradley Nowell {Sublime frontman} yanked Miles & Kyle out of the back yard parties, and threw them into a studio to record their first album. Since then, they’ve started their own record label ‘Stoopid Records,’ and have continued to pump out album after album. Having full control of their music, they’ve been able to maintain their artistic integrity, and keep their independence.

I visited with Rymo {Ryan Moran} in 2008, so with them heading back to San Diego on July 17th, I thought it would be a great time to catch up. I found out that after taking some much needed time with family and friends, they’ve spent a lot of time in their new studio jamming with some amazing artists. The SS crew is headlining this summer’s “Legalize It” tour. Here’s what I found out.

RIS: I heard the show last night was insane. They said SS came out and did what they do best… “Melting the audiences faces off.” How does it feel to be back on the road again?

RYMO: It’s great, I love being on the road. Home’s out here for us, more or less. We feel pretty comfortable being on the go all the time.

RIS: That is the one thing about leaving San Diego; you appreciate it so much more when you get back.

RYMO: I totally agree, there is no place like home.

RIS: This is the LEGALIZE IT 2010 TOUR; do you think California should legalize it?

RYMO: Yeah, we’re hoping is goes through in November. There would be a lot less problems out there for people who are trying to start their own business, and be legit.

RIS: Why do you think it would be beneficial for California to legalized marijuana?

RYMO: There are a lot of reasons. In terms of taxation, the government can definitely benefit from that. It will also create new business, which will create new jobs. Another obvious reason for legalization, so that people with a terminal illness can smoke a joint in peace, so that they are able to relax. There are so many different reasons why people need to smoke. I just think if you want to smoke, you should be able to.

RIS: I read and article on the internet that marijuana raises your IQ, that it enhances certain mental abilities. Do you find this statement to be true, and has it helped your ability to create and write songs?

RYMO: Yeah, I think the reason humans have been doing drugs, including alcohol for that matter, since the beginning of time, is that it does open up other channels in your brain. So I totally agree with that statement. I don’t know if it makes you smarter per say, but I do think it opens your creative channels in a different way than you would normally be able to without partaking in any particular drug. Drugs like mushrooms, acid, and all those types, open up different doorways, and other creative potential in the human brain. So as far as the influence on our music, all you have to do is listen.

RIS: I hear you’ve been working on a new collaboration project with G-Love, Barrington Levy, Fishbone, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, just to name a few. What’s happening with that?

RYMO: We built a studio in San Diego. We’ve got a place out in Mission Valley these days. It’s kind of like a compound. We have an office for our manager, storage for our road gear, and a recording studio upstairs. So having the facility here, we’re able to have a lot of our friends come by and jam with us. It’s a lot easier to be creative in your own personal studio, especially when it’s not costing you $1000 to $1500 per day. We’ve been able to have fun, and record some tracks with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, and like you said G-Love, Barrington, and a couple of others. We’re not sure what’s going to make the cut just yet, but it’s going to be good.

RIS: Any idea of when you might be releasing this project?

RYMO: We’re looking at the spring of next year. We’re looking forward to the next chapter in the Slightly Stoopid saga.

RIS: You’re promoting the ‘Slightly Not Stoned Enough for Breakfast Yet Stoopid’ album, which has been out for a while, is a great album. Now that sometime has passed, is it easier to play to an audience that’s familiar with the album? Does it end up turning into one big sing-a-long?

RYMO: Yeah, it does. We had a lot of fun making this album. We’ve been putting out albums back to back, so when we finished this last one everyone decided it would be a good time to slow down a little bit, and spend some time at home with our families and friends. We actually created the album with this in mind. Lets put out a lot of tunes, some old, some new, and some that we’ve recorded in the past that were locked up in the vaults. So we created this, sort of, three-part album. We’re very happy about the way it came out. People are getting familiar with the music, which is great to see. There are a lot of good songs on this album, not just one or two, but I’m bias.

RIS: Any final words?

RYMO: Yeah, I just want to everyone to come out to the show, and have some fun with us.

Well I hope you enjoyed my chat with Rymo, and I wanted to personally thank Jeff Farsai for taking some amazing shots, and giving Revolt In Style some exclusive photos to use. Jeff you rock! Head over to & stay tuned for details on when Slightly Stoopid is going to show up at the RSSS surf contest in Ocean Beach on July 17th for autographs and free tickets to the show. Yep, you heard right!

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